Visa Exemptions


Many countries - including the United States of America - have concluded visa exemption agreements with Japan. Under the agreements, nationals of these countries carrying valid passports may enter Japan without visas for up to 90 days (15 days for nationals of Brunei) to engage in non-remunerative activities such as tourism and short-term company business.

Activities Allowed Under the Visa Exemption Agreements

a) tourism
b) visiting friends or relatives
c) business meetings
d) attending conferences and trade fairs
e) academic research
f) study
g) amateur sports

Activities for Which Visas Are Required

a) all activities for which one will be paid in Japan, or
b) any activity requiring a stay of more than 90 days (15 days for nationals of Brunei)

Further information about Visa Exemptions, please click here.



For U.S. citizens

A visa is not required for U.S. passport holders who wish to stay in Japan up to 90 days for the purpose of non-paid activities such as sightseeing, visiting relatives or friends, business meetings, amateur participation in athletic meetings, attending a conference, etc.

If you wish to enter Japan for long term stay or for paid activities, you must apply for an appropriate visa. See Work/Long Term Stay

No visa fee is required for U.S. citizens



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