COVID-19 Requirements to Enter Japan


◆ Presentation of Inspection Certificate (Negative Test Result)
You are required to obtain an inspection certificate (negative test result) before departing the U.S. for Japan (the test must be conducted within 72 hours of the intended departure). You will be denied entry into Japan if you fail to submit the certificate upon your arrival to Japan (Therefore, airlines will not give you permission to board an aircraft departing for Japan without the certificate).

Notes on the requirements of the certificate:
In principle, you are strongly recommended to use the designated form, however, other forms of certificates are also acceptable only if it includes all required information.
*For the designated form: Although the designated form reads “signature by doctor,” any authorized medical personnel, including but not limited to doctors and nurses, can sign the certificate if it is issued in the United States.
*For other forms of certificates: Medical institution/laboratory’s letterhead and an authorized healthcare provider (doctor, nurse, etc.)’s printed name can be substituted for the imprint of a seal/doctor’s signature if it is issued in the United States.

◆ Submission of a Written Pledge
You will be asked to pledge your compliance to a number of mitigation measures which are indicated in the Written Pledge form 

◆ Carrying a smartphone and installing necessary APPs
Regarding the use of apps following your arrival (Detail)

◆ Submission of Questionnaire
You will need to register necessary information (ex. your contact details, travel history, health condition) prior to entry into Japan.
Registration can be found HERE.
In addition to the above requirements, all travelers entering Japan (including Japanese nationals) will be required (1) to take COVID-19 tests again after arriving at their port of entry in Japan, (2) to stay at a location designated by the quarantine station chief (own residence, a hotel arranged by travelers themselves etc.) and (3) to refrain from using public transportation (including trains, buses, taxis, or domestic flights) for 14 days after entering Japan.*
Regulations on Mandatory 14-Day Isolation

Contact List
  • For inquiries about the Entry Visa, please contact the Embassy / Consulate of Japan which has jurisdiction over your residential address.
  • For inquiries on Re-entry Permit/Special Re-entry Permit, Status of Residence or Certificate of Eligibility:
    • Information Center: TEL +81-570-013904 (The Immigration Services Agency of Japan)
  • For inquiries on Quarantine Measures:
    • Hotline: TEL +81-3-3595-2176 (The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan)