Message from Consul-General Yoichi Matsumoto

 Thank you for visiting our homepage. My name is MATSUMOTO Yoichi, and I assumed the position as Consul-General of Japan in Nashville on January 18, 2022. It is my great pleasure to be serving you all in this role.
 My relationship with the United States began in 1986 when I attended a college in Washington State under the training program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After that, I visited Washington D.C. on several occasions for different trade negotiations when working in the Economic Affairs Bureau of the Ministry in Tokyo. However, this is the first time I am actually working in the United States. In addition, this is the first time for me to work at a consulate-general, as my previous posts abroad were in an embassy and at permanent missions of Japan to international organizations.
 As a new comer to the Consulate-General, I will need to overcome a number of challenges, both personal and professional. However, the bigger challenge is the existence of the new coronavirus infection.
 Due to the spread of the COVID-19, our daily life, social activities, and business activities are significantly restricted and affected. The Consulate-General needs to adjust its services and operations in order to reflect these changes and to cope with difficulties created by the COVID-19. My most important task is to work with my colleagues at the Consulate-General to explore the most appropriate approaches and adopt them to respond to the changes brought about by COVID-19.
 For example, our office provides safety information and consular services to the public including those to Japanese residents. We continue to strive to ensure the safety of those with whom we interact, to endeavor to carry out consular procedures smoothly, and provide information required for daily life under the COVID-19.
 The business activities of Japanese companies in the states the Consulate-General covers generate jobs and contribute to the local economy. Supporting such activities and thereby strengthening exchanges and relationships between Japan and the United States is one of the important works of our office. In cooperation with relevant organizations, we will continue to hold online business seminars to provide useful information that is of interest to Japanese companies during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  COVID-19 should not stop the established exchange of people between Japan and the United States. Now that face-to-face exchanges have become difficult, we will continue to put more effort into disseminating information on Japan, Japanese culture, and Japan-US exchanges through social media such as Instagram and Facebook. Please follow and share our accounts in order to help us promote these virtual exchanges to as many people as possible.
  Despite the COVID-19 Pandemic, one of the important objectives of the Consulate-General of Japan, is to develop and nurture the relationships that have our greater community has built between Japan and the United States. The members of the Consulate-General need and wish to work together with you. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.