Business Seminar on U.S. Labor and Employment Law (June 2, 2016)

 6月2日、当館は、総領事公邸において、バーンズ・アンド・ソーンバーグ法律事務所(Barnes & Thornburg LLP)との共催により、在米日本企業関係者を主な対象とするビジネスセミナー「米国労働・雇用法概要(異文化人事・米国人心理)」を開催致しました。
 On June 2nd, the Consulate-General of Japan in Nashville invited Japanese company representatives to the Consul-General’s residence for a business seminar.  The seminar, co-hosted by Barnes & Thornburg LLP, was titled “An Overview of U.S. Labor and Employment Law” and included a general overview of U.S. labor and employment law, as well as differences between Japan and the U.S. from both legal and customary perspectives.
 Following the lecture, approximately 40 participants enjoyed lively exchanges during a networking reception.