Consul-General Fukushima attended the Japan/America Society of Kentucky New Year Party on January 31st


Consul-General Fukushima attended the JASK Shinnenkai (New Year Party) held at the Kentucky Governor’s Mansion on January 31st. Mr. Robert Brown, Chair of the Board of Directors of JASK, and Congressman Andy Bar, U.S. Representative for the Sixth District of Kentucky, joined Consul-General Fukushima in delivering remarks at the event. Consul-General Fukushima expressed her gratitude to attendees and pledged her full cooperation in further enhancing the relationship between Japan and Kentucky. Governor Beshear welcomed Consul-General Fukushima and expressed strong support for the Kentucky-Japan friendship. Consul-General Fukushima dressed in traditional Kimono for the celebration and was grateful to Kentucky First Lady Britainy Beshear and Ms. Masayo Ishigure for also wearing Kimono. Ms. Ishigure traveled to Kentucky from New York to play Koto, a Japanese stringed instrument, presenting an aspect of Japanese culture.