Industry, Academia, and Government Collaborative Workshop: Japanese language learners and Japanese companies

Tea Ceremony
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Group Photo
Group Photo
On September 21, the Consulate General of Japan in Nashville hosted a workshop to exchange opinions with university representatives in Tennessee, Japanese companies, and local economic organizations to utilize of Japanese language learners in Japanese companies.

After opening remarks by Consul-General Matsumoto, the first part of the meeting featured lectures by representatives of Tennessee Economic and Community Development Japan Office on regional economic trends, U.S. employees of Japanese companies, and professors from universities in the state who are engaged in Japanese language education, giving examples of how Japanese companies are utilizing Japanese language learners and how Japanese companies and universities are collaborating. 

In the second part, the participants were divided into groups and exchanged opinions to understand the current situation and issues on both the university and Japanese companies sides, and to work toward specific cooperation and collaboration. After the exchange of opinions, a reception was held, where active exchanges took place, and after the meeting, many participants commented that it was a very meaningful time.

Our office will continue to plan various projects and activities to support Japanese companies in the region under its jurisdiction.