Consul-General Fukushima attended Women’s Leadership Forum hosted by Japan America Society of Tennessee (JAST)




On December 3rd, Consul-General Fukushima attended the Seventh Annual Women’s Leadership Forum at the Tennessee State Museum, presented by the Japan-America Society of Tennessee (JAST). In her remarks, Consul General Fukushima emphasized the importance of getting united to accelerate changes towards gender equality and women’s empowerment. Consul-General Fukushima also highlighted the challenges she faced in balancing her family and career, and encouraged attendees to create their own leadership opportunities. After the speech, Consul-General Fukushima also spoke at the one on one discussion with Masami Tyson, JAST board Chair. Other speakers at the Forum included Leigh Wieland of JAST, Lee Curtis of the Tennessee State Museum, Peter Kelley, President of the National Association of Japan-America Societies, Jennifer Butler of the Ashinaga Foundation, and Masami Tyson, JAST Board Chair.