The Fourth Online Business Seminar (12/9)

On December 9th, the Consulate-General of Japan in Nashville, PASONA NA and HRM Partners conducted an online business seminar for Japanese company representatives in the United States.
Consul-General Fukushima offered opening remarks, which were followed by presentations from two experts provided by PASONA NA and HRM Partners.
The first presentation, titled “US Labor Market Trends in COVID-19" and "Latest HR Topics related to US Work Environment", explained the pandemic’s impact on the US labor market and labor environment through detailed, data-driven analysis. The lecture also addressed questions from the perspective of Japanese companies operating in the US, with an emphasis on the latest information.
The second presentation, titled “US Compensation Basics" and "US Compensation Trends 2020-2021 and Projected Salary Increases for 2021”, highlighted the basics of the US compensation systems and discussed the differences between how Japan and the US determine salary. The speaker also covered current and future US compensation trends, along with changes in the economic situation during Covid-19. Detailed explanations, with supporting data, were shared with participants.
About 60 people joined this informative seminar.