Greeting from Consul-General Fukushima


Very nice to meet you. I am Kayoko Fukushima. I arrived recently to serve as Consul-General of Japan in Nashville.
 I wish you a Happy New Year. Japan turns into the second year of the Reiwa Era. The Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held from July to September. I hope that Japan-U.S. relations will continue on a steady path toward increased prosperity this year.    

 My overseas experience started in the United States. I attended graduate school in Boston from 1983 to 1985. During that time, I had the chance to travel Nashville and New Orleans. I was moved by the great hospitality of the local people and their diverse culture. I am delighted to be assigned to this Consulate, covering the states of Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee.          
 As you are aware, Japan and the U.S. have fostered a very close relationship in a wide range of areas that include the political, economic, and cultural fields. This region represents the friendly and cooperative bilateral relationship very well. For example, Japanese companies are highly appreciated by local people due to their daily efforts to contribute to the local economy and community development. Both Japanese residents and U.S. citizens closely cooperate with each other, organize seasonal Japanese culture events, and promote grassroots-level exchanges.   
 I would like to thank all of you who contribute to fostering cordial bilateral relations. I look forward to joining you and pledge to do my best to maintain and even strengthen these excellent relations.

 Ensuring the safety of Japanese residents and travelers is an essential role of the Consulate. Together with my colleagues, I will make the utmost effort to ensure the safety of Japanese people in my jurisdiction and offer user-friendly consular services.
 I am counting on your kind understanding and cooperation. I look forward to meeting you in person at various occasions.
                                  Consul-General of Japan in Nashville
                                                January 6, 2020