Consul-General Fukushima attended Zama-Smyrna Sister City Relations 30th Anniversary Event 

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On October 26, Consul-General Fukushima attended the Zama-Smyrna Sister City Relations 30th Anniversary Event, which was held at Smyrna Town Hall and live-streamed with Zama, Japan. In the ceremony, Zama Mayor Mito SatoSmyrna Mayor Mary Reed, city council members and representatives from both Cities made remarks. 

A video to introduce the activities and history of the Zama-Smyrna sister city relationship was played. Consul-General Fukushima conveyed a message to congratulate them on their 30th anniversary. Consul-General Fukushima expressed her appreciation to people who worked hard to maintain the sister city relationship and said their activities contribute toward strengthening relations between Japan and the U.S. Through this ceremony, affiliated parties were able to confirm the willingness to further develop future sister city exchanges. The Consulate-General of Japan offers our best wishes to both cities toward the continued growth and betterment of this sister city relationship.