Foreign Minister’s Certificate of Commendation Awarded to Ms. Louisa R. Mesich, Vice President, Chattanooga Sister Cities for Tono

1.What’s New

 On Monday, October 7th, Consul-General Hiroyuki Kobayashi presented the Foreign Minister’s Commendation to Ms. Louisa R. Mesich on the occasion of the 2019 International Business Council Annual Meeting in Chattanooga. The Consul-General recognized and thanked Ms. Mesich for her contribution to the grassroots exchanges with Tono City, Japan for many years. Ms. Mesich thanked the Consul-General and accepted the award while praising those who cooperated in the activities related the exchanges. Subsequently, Chattanooga Mayor Berke made his presentation to Ms. Mesich and Tono Mayor Honda delivered his congratulatory remarks by his video message.