Consulate-General of Japan Conferred Awards


Decorations Conferred by His Majesty the Emperor of Japan

Japan honors Hon. Philip N. Bredesen, former Governor of Tennessee

Japan honors Hon. Steve Beshear, former Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky

Japan honors Ms. Leigh A. Wieland, Former CEO of Japan-American Society of Tennessee and Former Director of the Tennessee Export Office

Japan honors Ms. Christine Karbowiak, Former Chair of the Board, Japan-American Society of Tennessee

Japan honors Ms. Donna D. Fraiche, Honorary Consul of Japan in New Orleans

Japan Honors Mr. William M. Turner, President of Japan Society of New Orleans

Japan honors Honorable Don Sundquist, Former Governor of the State of Tennessee

Japan honors Mr. Robert A. Turner, Former President of Japan Club of New Orleans

Japan honors Colonel Douglas Charles DeLaMater ( Ret.)

Japan honors Dr. Robert Brown, Chair of Japan/America Society of Kentucky

Japan honors Mr. Jack O. Bovender Jr., Co-Chair Emeritus of the Advisory Council of the Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival

Japan honors Senator Lamar Alexander

Japan honors John Owen Haley, Professor of Law at Vanderbilt Law School

Japan honors Dr. Masako Wakabayashi, Former President of the Japan Club of New Orleans

Japan honors Mr. Robert C. Arnett, Former President of the Japan-America Society of Tennessee

Japan honors Martha Layne Collins, Former Governor of Kentucky

Japan honors Dr. James E. Auer, Vanderbilt University Professor

Japan honors Dr. Jack Strong, Louisiana State University Professor

Japan honors former Honorary Consul-General Edward Nelson